MISSION STATEMENT

United Programing based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Naples, Florida believes there is no mystery in delivering program material that appeals beyond the base audience interests that our commercial competition focuses on.  We understand the role we play between public service broadcasters and an audience that shows real and credible loyalty with a handwritten check.

Our programing does this with considered formats delivered with style, color, solid writing, music, information, interesting people, editorial snap, sensitive direction, high production values and content that is informed.  We bring with us decades of creative development experience that understands a responsible balance of originality in television entertainment with marketing, targeted audiences and corporate underwriting.  In addition, the time spent in creative development has always been, as day follows night, coupled with production and completion.

United Programing's development solutions flourish in an informed working environment, made so through personal contact and time spent with the broadcaster.  Our imaginative development process focuses on the locale, as well as, the individual and their family at the viewing end of the process. In addition, by encouraging the use of regional creative sources and support we benefit, where possible, with greater access and local color.  You'll find United Programing working.


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