CURRENT PROGRAMS

MORE THAN A GAME   A program that talks to and about the athlete, their strategies and regimen.  This program will bring to your audience the extremes some athletes will go to while in the pursuit of what some would characterize as a game.  It is a series of conversations with those athletes, among others, that pursue Extreme and Ultra Sports like the Hard Rock Ultra Marathon, 100 + miles of running through Colorado's rugged terrain or the first North American women to summit an 8000 meter peak under unique conditions then turn around, putting on the skis she had lugged to the top, and ski down.  There will be interviews with Legends like the retired champion Bare Back Rodeo/Saddle Bronc rider and holder of 3 World Titles after 22 championship seasons, one of NFL's retired quarterback heros or an American bicyclist and multi-winner of the 30 day Tour de France.  In addition we'll talk with High Achievers, men and women who perform at their peak but beyond what many would consider their peak years.   [ specs ]

MOVING THROUGH AMERICA   Poetry and film capture the villages, towns and cities where America lives and plays.  Each episode of MOVING THROUGH AMERICA will have as element one, a commissioned, original poem read voice over.  The series will use an ensemble corps of poets (selection continues) chosen by their originality and interpretive vision, their fame not withstanding.  The imagery, element two in each episode, will be original and shot in motion and stills of that American village, town or city chosen from across the country.  The musical heartbeat of MOVING THROUGH AMERICA, element three, will be its own statement driving both images and verse with original and existing music, typical and atypical to the locale; music, also sourced from across the musical spectrum but focused on the place we're visiting.   [ specs ]


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