EXECUTIVE BIOS

Lou Puopolo, President and CEO

Producer, Director and Writer is our go to guy mainly because he's been gone to so many times in live television, radio, advertising and marketing, worldwide commercial production, theatrical films and distribution; well, we could go on but then again he's modest about accomplishments so we'll stop now or click on to the link below and get more details; Oh, he's also the principal in Puopolo Productions, Inc., creator and producer of our shows.   [ continued ]

Louis Puopolo, Producer/Director, Principal

Louis Puopolo is the go to guy too... With a background in major studio feature production working with companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures, as well as independents like Miramax, Phoenix Films, and Tribeca Films; he has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York City, Germany, The United Kingdom and many locations in between.   [ continued ]


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