FUTURE PROGRAMS

A Children's Program   that takes an interesting approach to demonstrating real but practical uses of math and science in an environment and real life situation that will prove irresistible to a young but aware child - both boys and girls beyond pre-school and around the ages of six through eleven.  The host, experienced and personable, is someone about to publish her first book on a related subject, has been approached and has expressed interest in working with us.

An Old West Adventure Series   The storyline will touch on the beginning of the end of the old west as told through the experiences of a fictionalized version of a little known but legendary, bigger than life, nineteenth century character, in a time frame of around 1830.  The romance of the period, the wide canvas of the still rugged Rockies and the wealth of documented material will all lend themselves to episodes of yarns told by campfires for well over a hundred years, in the still of cold and crisp western nights.

A Children's Fantasy Adventure Series   set today in a small southern town in Georgia, follows a group of young people, seven through fourteen, as they get themselves into and out of experiences that are fun, a little scary at times, but in total, informative and educational.


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