MORE THAN A GAME

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Program Title:                    MORE THAN A GAME
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Short Description:  MORE THAN A GAME is a series of conversations with athletes that pursue Extreme and Ultra sports like the Hard Rock Ultra Marathon, 100 + miles through Colorado's rugged terrain.  They, in their individual sports, will be very much like Laura Bakos, the first North American Women to ski down an 8000 meter peak, Cho Oyu (26000+ feet), she reached the summit first without the aid of bottled oxygen or Sherpas then turned around and skied down.  There will also be interviews with legends like Monty Henson, a retired champion Bare Back Rodeo/Saddle Bronc rider and holder of 3 World Titles after 22 championship seasons.  While Monty no longer rides (he broke his neck), he still brings to an interview the rigors he practiced and interesting experiences he encountered doing what he loved.  Another legend might be Joe Montana, an NFL quarterback hero or the American bicyclist, Lance Armstrong, seven time winner of the 30 day Tour de France.

The concept for MORE THAN A GAME revolves around the extremes some people will achieve while essentially in the pursuit of what some would characterize as a game.  In some instances the "game" teases death as in Laura's case but definitely challenges an individual's stamina.  In other cases men and women we'll talk with perform at their peak but beyond what some consider, peak years.

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