MOVING THROUGH AMERICA

Distributed by NETA

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Program Title:                    MOVING THROUGH AMERICA
Program Length:               13/30s

Feed Date/Time:                 TBA.

Closed Captioned:             Yes
Stereo:                               Yes
Suggested TV Ratings:      TV-G

Short Description: Poetry and film capture the villages, towns and cities where America lives and plays.  Each episode of MOVING THROUGH AMERICA will have as one element, a commissioned, original poem read voice over.  The series will use an ensemble corps of poets (selection continues) chosen by their originality and interpretive vision, their fame not withstanding. The imagery, element two in each episode, will be original and shot in motion and stills of that American village, town or city chosen from across the country.  The musical heartbeat of MOVING THROUGH AMERICA, element three, will be its own statement driving both images and verse with original and existing music, typical and atypical to the locale; music, also sourced from across the musical spectrum but focused on the place we're visiting.

Suggested Scheduling:
Flags:                                 None
Broadcast History:             New programing.
Tag:                                    To be announced.

Rights: STANDARD (4RL/3YRS) rights beginning xxx; SCH/yes and non-commercial cable rights. Royalty free to NETA members and subscribers.

Producer: Puopolo Productions, Inc.

Date Produced:                  TBA.
Funding:                             TBA.
Underwriting:                      Local underwriting is permissible
                                            if non-competitor.
Web Site:                            To be announced.
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